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Content Writing and Marketing

Effective Story-telling through content done in a right way can help instantly sky rocket your business and connect your brand with your target audience in a more meaningful way. Our team helps you come up with your company’s editorial mission and executes it through proper research, analysis via a combination of effective Article writing (both long and short form), engaging Social media posts.

We can solve all your content challenges by developing proper Video scripts, creating news worthy Press releases, research-backed, insightful executive summaries and analysis, inspiring corporate speeches, detailing interview excerpts, help prepare effective client proposals, pitches and other marketing collaterals.

We do extensive research and analysis and help you define various buyer personas, ideation of content, creating appropriate content considering the customer -stage, in the customer-conversion funnel, deciding the right media type, from idea-conceiving up until execution of editorial calendars and finally help accomplishing your content mission statement.

We ensure proper audience engagement, defining the expected audience outcome, maintaining uniformity of style, tone of voice and other elements throughout the company’s content and marketing collaterals.

We perform detailed keyword research, carving out your niche content, content curation, repurposing of content, targeting influencers, keeping constant coordination and communication with various departments (includes C-Suite executive interviews) in a company for maximizing content output, better quality and for creating unique content.

Ensuring timely quality checks to adhere with the editorial mission statement and measuring the content impact.

We serve various verticals which includes (but not limited to)--IT, Health & Lifestyle, Real Estate, Fashion & Entertainment, Retail, Media, Technology, Agri Farming, Event Management and general.


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