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Mobility Services

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile and Mobile services has totally transformed the way we interact, engage, work and the way we access data forever. The millennials are here. Research suggests that by year 2020, more than 50% of workers will be millennials and the way millennials work is different. They want to use their own devices at their own terms—they want to use social and business to interact with each other. They want to be flexible and they want to be ‘on the go.’

We look to attract, motivate and help your businesses retain this wave of employees by giving them a flexible, scalable, seamless mobile experience through our enterprise mobility solutions. The challenge lies in integrating mobile into our traditional work environment and making it more secure and seamless. We are envisioning the workplace of the future, for a better work place environment providing superior, personalized user experience.

Mobile services—Healthcare

Our primary focus is on Enterprise Mobility for healthcare in particular, where the possibilities are endless to build a safer ground for good health. Broad outline of our mobile healthcare solution benefits include:

  • It increases the productivity of doctors, caregivers and other employees.
  • Improves response times to the needs of the patients.
  • Provides impeccable user experience across the industry.
  • Ensures data security, complying with the industry standards.
  • Maintaining the speed and efficiencies of data networks.
  • We develop apps pertaining to all aspects of your health, fitness and lifestyle in android, ios and web.

Remote Monitoring and Consultation: Get your questions answered real-time through virtual doctor appointment. Communicate with doctors even when travelling over text messages, via in-app, and video consultation.

Connecting and setting up an appointment with specialist doctors and later meet them in person or through video consultation (with some hospitals even accepting insurance plans) and providing specialist doctors for second opinion

Medical tracking apps: Track, store and keep your medical records up-to-date via apps. Especially track your daily health metrics such as sugar glucose levels, blood pressure and later store those records via app, and share them with specialist doctors when needed.

Pregnant women health: Apps relating to pregnant women and mothers with their newborns—all access to information, expert doctor advice, empathy, inspiration and support. It includes features such as sending out message reminders to mothers of newborns etc.,

Personalized health mentors: Apps which duplicate a live personal health coach in virtual environment--be it for losing weight or reducing your stress levels, or managing an ongoing disease or condition or if you are fighting to give up a certain lifestyle, here personalized health coaches can help with advice, motivation, strict regimen and resources.

Fitness apps: Test your resolve, set measure and track your fitness goals, as you run or cycle in your daily schedule. Learn how many calories burned. Get instant real-time data, the progress you’re making through your fitness regime. Keep yourself motivated by getting personalized health recommendations.


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