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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is—Scott Cook, Intuit.

There’s no telling, the competition is getting tougher and tougher each and every passing day. Companies and Brands alike are increasingly realizing as to how important it is to have the information on competition, industry news, spotting new trends, and tracking information as to what industry influencers, various media outlets, top publishers are talking about their brand. All important ammunition needed to keep your business afloat, sustain, and help make those right timely decisions to lead the market, as the case maybe.

Most top Brands spend millions of dollars protecting their brands from outside attack. With the rise of social networks and with so many conversations happening worldwide, there’s a chance of an unfavorable, negative publicity shooting up from an unexpected corner.

It has become imperative for a company to keep track of all those social conversations to counteract, mitigate and protect their brand and manage its business Online Reputation.

We can help through our list of services including:

Tracking, analyzing, measuring and reporting of information( media coverage received) about the competition, the industry and your company in various media outlets—press, online, TV, and social.

We execute it by using a thorough combination of using specialized marketing tools and through manual search.

Measuring the tonality—is it Positive, negative or neutral?

Briefing up with an executive summary of all the coverage highlights that the company/competition/industry has received for a given particular period of time, year/month/week etc., highlighting the top news, that hit the headlines. The Online media outlets in which the news appeared and the author/editors’ profile, their viewpoint on the topic concerned etc.,

All done, but to help your brand to make an effective PR pitch, craft better media strategies and address challenges of communicating out your brands’ message across to your target audience.


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